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Blakeburn's Fisheries was opened, before the war, in 1936.  It is owned by Mr Blakeburn, who is a very jovial chap and always pops out of the shop to chat to us all whilst we are queuing up.

Now, you may recall Shirley, our errand boy Sidney's mother.  Well, she has got herself a job there.  She was originally employed to work in the back on the chipper, but as soon as Mr Blakeburn met her, he thought she much better suited to working behind the counter in the shop itself.  And, do you know, I think it's the right decision.  She can lean over the counter and wink at men till her heart's content!  She winks at me a lot, but I don't mind, as long as she only does it in the chippy, because the counter is very tall so she can't reach me and she gives me extra scraps!  If she winks at me in my shop, then I run for cover!

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As you will all be aware, we have to save paper for the war effort.  Whenever Blakeburn's are frying, we always take our own newspaper.  If we have any spare newspaper, Mr Blakeburn collects it in a box for any customers who haven't any newspaper for their fish & chips.

Norman always re-uses his paper and has been doing since Mr Blakeburn opened in '36!

The fryer is coal-fired and, as you can see, it makes the most splendid fish & chips.

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