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Where's That Fire?

1940.  83 minutes.  Comedy.

Written by: Marriott Edgar, Val Guest, J.O.C. Orton.

Director: Marcel Varnel

Producer: Edward Black


Will Hay - Captain Viking

Moore Marriott - Jeremiah Harbottle

Graham Moffatt - Albert

Peter Gawthorne - Fire Chief

Eric Clavering - Hank Sullivan

Hugh McDermott - Jim Baker

Charles Hawtrey - Woodley

David O'Toole - Postman


Three bumbling firemen, with an old fire engine pulled by a horse, have to show that they can put out a fire successfully or face the sack.  They visit a modern fire station, which is "mechanised", to get some tips.  Albert steals their fire alarm and they decide to get a proper pole to make getting out for a fire quicker.  When the pole arrives, there is much hilarity trying to get in down a narrow street and into the fire station.  A gang of criminals then steal the fire engine to get into the Tower of London so they can steal the crown jewels.  Whilst all of this is going on, Captain Viking accidently invents a new fire fighting foam, which comes in very handy indeed when they try to catch the thieves.

My thoughts on the film:

As you may or may not know, me and Mrs Turner are big fans of Will Hay, and this is another triumph for them all.  There are laughs throughout this film and we really did get into it.  During the scene when the police went the fire station and ended up chasing Captain Viking, Harbottle and Albert around the fire station, I shouted out "slide down the pole!"  I didn't realise that I shouted it so loud, until Mrs T gave me a nudge!  There are a lot of very funny moments in this film, such as when the three firemen tried to climb over the wall to get into the Tower of London to catch the crooks - they all climbed on to the horse, then onto each others shoulders, and then the horse wanders off, leaving them all dangling from the wall!  We were in stitches.  Such a super film and one to look out for in your listings.  It would be a shame if you missed it. 

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