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The Common Touch

1941.  104 minutes.  Drama.

Written by: Barbara K Emary, Geoffrey Orme

Produced & Directed by: John Baxter


Geoffrey Hibbert - Peter Henderson

Harry Welchman - "Lincoln's Inn"

Greta Gynt - Sylvia Meadows

Joyce Howard - Mary

Edward Rigby - "Tich"

Bransby Williams - Ben

George Carney - Charlie

Eliot Makeham - "Inky"

Mark Hambourg - "Chopin"

Paul Martin - Chris

Raymond Lovell - Cartwright

John Longden - Stuart Gordon

Wally Patch -  "Nobby "

Edgar Driver - "Oily"

Bernard Miles - Cricket Steward

Scott Saunders - Pat

Ian McClaren - Harmonica player

Jerry Verno - Office Messenger

Iris Vangeleur - Alice


When his father dies, 18-year-old Peter Henderson takes over the family firm, a very big business in the city, with lots of board meetings, that type of a business!  Peter discovers that one of the company directors, Cartwright, who wants control of the decision making, wants to demolish a doss-house called Charlie's.  Peter and his old school friend Chris, disguise themselves to get into Charlie.  There they try to find out how Cartwright got Peter's father to allow the demolition and also to try to stop it from being demolished, all this without blowing their cover!  Not only do they find out what Cartwright has been up to, the also learn things about themselves and the people who stay at Charlie's.

My thoughts on the film:

Do you know, me and Mrs T thought that this was actually a very nice film to watch.  It is a drama, so it's not hilariously funny like a Will Hay or George Formby film.   It does though, have drama, intrigue, humour and a bit of cabaret as well.  A very good film and one which we would happily see again given the opportunity.  We recommend this film as a lovely little yarn.  It is well worth the trip to the pictures to see it.

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