News from the home front

Mrs T's WI spent the day making clippy mats out of old rags.  They had a marvellous time making them and they have done a splendid job.  These mats are for sale in my 1/12th miniatures shop. Please feel free to pop and have a look at the finished mats.

We have all been told that we're only allowed 5 inches of water in our baths.  It is recommended to paint a line around the inside of the bath, this job took 2 people, but it should help us to keep to the rules!

It's always splendid when Mrs T manages to get tripe from the butchers! Mmm! Poached in milk with onions & served with mashed potato! There's nothing finer! 

Our friend Norman is the perfect chap to know, he always seems to lay his hands on things! He brought us a rabbit one day, Rupert the dog was thrilled! Mrs T just rolled up her sleeves to skin it - she is a marvel! 

I don't know how she does it, but Mrs T always

manages to throw 6's when we're playing Ludo!

I've taken to collecting sheep droppings from a friend who has a sheep farm. I put the droppings into old stockings & put the stockings into a bucket of water. I then water my veg plants with the water. It's very good plant food, I highly recommend it.

In wartime we have to adapt to our circumstances, so myself & Mrs T cut each other's hair - for some reason Rupert couldn't bare to watch!

Whilst on Home Guard patrol I found some parachute silk. It was one of ours because it was white. Most of us took some home for our wives to make themselves a pair of bloomers.

We won't be short of jam now, Mrs Turner has joined the Women's Institute. The ladies are very determined & are going to turn the church hall into a preserving centre. The Ministry Of Food has allocated sugar to the WI, which is sent out to preserving centres, so the ladies can make enough jam to feed the nation.

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