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The Ghost Train

1941.  85 minutes.  Supernatural Comedy.

Screenplay: J.O.C.Orton, Marriott Edgar, Val Guest.

Story by: Arnold Ridley

Director: Walter Forde

Producer: Edward Black


Arthur Askey - Tommy Gander

Richard Murdoch - Teddy Deakin

Kathleen Harrison - Miss Bourne

Peter Murray-Hill - R.G. Winthrop

Carole Lynne - Jackie Winthrop

Morland Graham - Dr. Sterling

Betty Jardine - Edna

Stuart Latham - Herbert

Herbert Lomas - Saul Hodgkin

Raymond Huntley - John Price

Linden Travers - Julia Price

D.J.Williams - Ben Isaacs

George Merritt - Inspector

Sidney Monkton - Train Guard

Wallace Bosco - Ted Holmes


Tommy Gander, a comedian and entertainer, loses his hat through a train window so pulls the communication cord to stop the train and therefore retrieve his hat.  A little while later, when the train stops at Fal Vale Junction, Tommy and other passengers alight to change trains.  But, because the previous train was stopped by Tommy, the last train has gone.  The stationmaster wants the passengers to leave, but as it is late at night, pouring with rain and the nearest village is 4 miles away, the passengers decide to stay.  They are told a very scary story about the station by the stationmaster in the hope that they will go.  The story involves a ghost train passing through the station during the night, he tells everyone that the sight of the train kills anyone who sees it.  Well, naturally the passengers are scared by this story.  But they still stay in the waiting room and wait for the morning train and to hear if the ghost train passes through the station.  Ooooooooo!!!  (That's my ghost impression that is!)

My thoughts on the film:

If you like Arthur Askey, then this is the film for you, as he is in full flow throughout the film, from start to finish he never stops!  Fortunately, we do like big hearted Arthur, so we enjoyed it very much.  Now, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be, but there was drama and suspense that caused be to gasp and spill my cup of tea!  Goodness knows what I would have been like had it have been any scarier!  It is a funny film and Arthur Askey is just what is needed to keep us all cheery in these gloomy times.  Me & Mrs Turner recommend this film as a must see, so check your local cinema listings, in case it is on near you. 

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