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My Man Godfrey

1936.  95 minutes.  Comedy.

Screenplay: Morrie Ryskind, Eric Hatch.

Based on a novel by Eric Hatch

Director: Gregory La Cava

Producer: Charles R. Rogers


William Powell - Godfrey

Carole Lombard - Irene Bullock

Alice Brady - Angelica Bullock

Gail Patrick - Cornelia Bullock

Jean Dixon - Molly

Eugene Pallette - Alexander Bullock

Alan Mowbray - Tommy Gray

Mischa Auer - Carlo

Pat Flaherty - Mike Flaherty

Robert Light - Faithful George


Whilst on a scavenger hunt for some sort of society club, I missed what it was called.  Well, one of the things that they all have to find is a "forgotten man".  The Bullock sisters find Godfrey, a man who has fallen on hard times and who is living in a dump.  The sisters take him back to their party.  Irene Bullock falls for Godfrey and employs him as the family's butler.  This shocks and annoys her sister, the snobbish Cornelia Bullock.  Godfrey starts work at the Bullock's house, but he has a mysterious past, which catches up with him when an old friend of his recognises him at a party where Godfrey is serving drinks.  Irene Bullock falls in love with Godfrey and pursues him throughout the film.  She is determined to marry him and clearly isn't going to take no for an answer!

My thoughts on the film:

A comedy with plenty of laughs.  Me and Mrs Turner also felt it was quite thought-provoking in places.  The Bullock sisters got up to all sorts it seems - getting drunk and causing chaos, but Godfrey seemed to teach them some humanity by the end of the film.  It was a nice little yarn and very funny.  What me and Mrs T have also taken from this film is; I also look like William Powell as well as look like Clark Gable!  Who would have thought it, me looking like two matinee idols! 

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