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Our Little Areas

RIMG7443 (2) copyright Christmas

This is Enid's kitchen.  It's very cosy I must say.  It is splendid to sit around the table and have tea, scones and a good little gossip!  Enid is often complimented on her well as her gossip!

20220709_084831 (2) copyright.jpg

This is Bertram Valentines dressing room.  It is on the very top floor of the theatre.  He used to have a fancy dressing up lower down, but it was needed for Gerald Riddle & his performing poodles, so Bertram has been there ever since.  It's quite cosy, but the main thing for Bertram is, it has a mirror!

RIMG6677 (2) copyright.jpg

Norman has a workshop where he stores his essential supplies! We can often find Enid there; skinning his rabbit or plucking his pheasant! They seem happy enough though!

RIMG3283 1 copyright.jpg

The church hall is a very important place for us all to go. The lady in blue at the back of the room is our ARP warden, she instructs people in first aid - we all take it very seriously indeed! 

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