News from the shop front

The ladies went wild with excitement the other day when I managed to get my hands on some Bird's Custard - yes that's right, it was Bird's. I had to calm the ladies down, it was quite a to do.  I needed a sit down with a cup of tea when they had all left!

An important part about being a grocer in wartime, is to be able to spread your stock out and change it around regularly so that your shelves always look full!

Sometimes I'm able to get something a little bit different for my customers.  Here I have managed to get some unlabelled tins. I'm calling them 'tinned surprise'. It's splendid fun and at 4d each they're a bargain as well!

I'm up early when we are lucky enough to get fresh milk although it keeps going up - at the start of the war it was 3d now it's up to 5d. Enid said she'll be buying a cow soon if it goes up any more!

Rupert is very impressed with our selection of dog food. He tries anything new that I am able to get in - he's very helpful like that!

I managed to get some sweets this week. Children first though. They proved very popular & sold very quickly. I had a good look in the jar & I definitely sold them all!

I managed to get some baked beans from the wholesaler - yes that's right, baked beans! There was mayhem in the shop when word got out about them. At 7d each they all soon went.

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