Our wartime community

These ladies are our friends & customers; Enid, who always keeps her rollers in!

Mrs Fazackalee, who is a widow that likes to have her parrot The Admiral with her at all times, and Mrs Tiplady, who is the president of Mrs T's WI group.

This is Mrs Fazackalee's garden, isn't it splendid. Even though gates & railings are been cut down for the war effort, Mrs Fazackalee said she would rather tie herself to her arbour than them take it. Apparently she has all the accoutrements to be able to do this! I'm not one to argue with her!

This is our good friend Norman. Norman is Mrs Fazackalee's gardener. When he isn't gardening he manages to supply most people with whatever he can come across!

The church hall is a very important place for us all to go. The lady in blue at the back of the room is our ARP warden, she instructs people in first aid - we all take it very seriously indeed! 

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