News from various other fronts!

We all had a marvellous community Christmas in the church hall last year. I got Mrs T a new hat & she knitted me a new pullover (I kept it on all day!) A very splendid time was had by all.  But the Beecham's pills needed to come out again the following day as I appeared to catch the Boxing Day Bug! Although Mrs T said I just ate too much! (It was a bug though!)

If you are stuck in an Anderson shelter at Christmas, the main thing to do is to save the Christmas cake!

We had a splendid time at the local fete. Rupert won a rosette for being a handsome chap & Enid won the Most Unusual Vegetable Competition with a carrot that she believed bore a striking resemblance to Stan Laurel!

Rain during an air raid is always an issue with an Anderson shelter!

We always like to make sure we're all safe in the Anderson shelter during an air raid.

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